Our mission

A fair chance to take care of your family in a way that makes you happy and proud. That is what we wish for everyone. Happyhulpjes takes starting entrepreneurs from unprivileged neighborhoods on a local shopping trip to buy the tools to jumpstart their own business. To help these smart go-getters stand out in the crowd, we support in packaging, branding and media design. With a granite counter top, cooking utensils and ingredients, Shawn now started a chocolate business. With Winelates he combines the unique flavors of wine and chocolates and wants to keep producing in Khayelitsha, a vibrant township in Cape Town. Curious to his story? Just watch the video.

Everyone loves a good celebration

To raise money Happyhulpjes designs and sells products in the Netherlands to give your party or gift a good-looking personal twist. 20% of these sales is used for the shopping trips. Want to get a taste of how we create a celebration? Play our free online games!

How we work

Now you have learned more about Shawn’s story, you are probably wondering how we work.
How do we find people like Shawn? How do we keep supporting them after our shopping trip?
We are happy to explain how we work.

Step 1: Team up!

Local people know their neighborhood the best. That’s why we team up with local organizations such as Ikamvayouth who focus on training or education. Ikamvayouth supports students of township schools to get through high school and helps them to find a follow-up opportunity once they finish. The legacy of Apartheid has made it challenging to find a study, internship or a job. By teaming up we give alumni another perspective to start entrepreneuring.

Learn more about Ikamvayouth

Step 2: Let's go shopping

Once local organizations have connected us to a starting entrepreneur we go on a shopping trip together. To boost the local economy, we ask the entrepreneur to bring us to local shops. While the entrepreneur chooses the products that he or she needs, we learn more about their story. With a rental car we help to get the products to their home. The beginning of a shared adventure.


Step 3: Prepare for take-off

Of course we keep following these smart entrepreneurs. Next to cheering for them with each step that they make, we support them in packaging, branding and media design so they stand out in the crowd. Once they have a good name with customers, they can really start growing.


Step 4: Set up crowdfund campaigns

Once the entrepreneur has the tools and a professional packaging and branding style, the adventure is just getting started. We keep in touch to see where we can help. If we see a concrete crowdfunding opportunity, we help to set-up a campaign. We are now planning one for Shawn, who is ready to transform a container into a small chocolate shop in Khayelitsha, so he can keep selling delicious chocolate bars.

What are we doing now?

In our monthly newsletter you can read what we are up to. We also stay in contact with Shawn and other entrepeneurs to hear about the steps they are making. Their messages put a smile on our face, which we want to share with you. Sign up and we will tell you all about it.